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Inspection Program

What is the point of having the world’s best mobile boat hoist if you can’t operate it for lack of parts or service? Good service & support shouldn’t be a compromise or an option. That’s why Martin Walter Company has developed a comprehensive program to support every boat hoist we sell with the best in parts, service, technical training & support. Regardless of where you are in the Northeast, Martin Walter Company’s team is ready to provide you with everything you need to have your boat hoist operational with a minimum amount of downtime.

Join marina and shipyard owners alike who have come to trust in Martin Walter Company’s Certified Factory Inspection services to keep their machines in peak operating condition. Martin Walter Company’s visual inspections are completed by highly trained factory-certified technicians who are trained to look for any safety and operational deficiencies.

Our standard 100 point inspection includes, but is not limited to, these areas of your machine:

  • Wire rope and slings
  • Safety brake and e-stops
  • Overload and travel alarms
  • Tires and wheels
  • Sheaves and bearings
  • Hoist synchronizations
  • Steering performance
  • Gear reducer oil
  • Drive break oil

In addition to our standard inspection package, we also offer packaging options to accompany your inspection. These options allow for work to be completed in the most timely manner possible, while providing educational opportunities for your staff. Our options are featured below.

Martin Walter Company

Option 1: Preventative Maintenance

  • Grease fittings on sheave pins*
  • Grease steering pivot points
  • Adjust and lube hoist chains*
  • Adjust and lube drive chains*
  • Adjust cable tension on block
  • Lubricate hoist wire rope
  • Change hydraulic fluid filters
  • Change non drive gear reducer oil*
  • Change oil in hoist brakes *
  • Change oil in drive brakes*
  • Change oil in pump drive*
  • Align steering
  • Check and adjust tire pressure

*If applicable to machine​

Option 2: Preventative Maintenance 2

​ Includes all services from Option 1 as well as a hydraulic reservoir fluid change. Contact Martin Walter Company to arrange for hydraulic fluid delivery.​

Option 3: Oil Sample Testing

Includes services from Option 1 and a hydraulic oil sample analysis. A Martin Walter Company technician will obtain a hydraulic fluid sample and send it to a testing facility for analysis. An oil sample report will be supplied upon completion of the analysis.

Option 4: Operator/Maintenance Training

A technician will perform basic operator/maintenance training with on-site personnel. Includes services from Option 1.

Option 5: Jib Crane Inspection

Includes services from Option 1 and a function test and an inspection of the gearbox lube level, wire rope, hydraulic system, operation/safety decals, safety functions, wear pads, and swing slew bearing.