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Slings are one of the most vital parts of any Marine Travelift. Inspecting and replacing the slings is imperative to securing the safety and productivity of your lift. If you or one of your crew sees any of the following indicated on your slings, please contact us immediately.

Slings must be removed from service if any of the following damage exists:

  • Missing or illegible sling identification. OSHA requires all web slings to show rated capacities and type of material
  • Acid or caustic burns
  • Melting or charring of any part of the sling
  • Holes, tears, or snags
  • Abrasive wear
  • Knots in any part of the sling
  • Excessive pitting or corrosion, cracked, distorted, or broken fittings
  • Other visible damage that causes doubt as to the strength of the sling
  • Visible red tracer threads
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New Sling Features

  • Longer sling disconnect fingers
  • Now longer for easier pin insertion, important especially during cold weather
  • Shackle eyes & sling pin fingers now fully wrapped for protection
  • Protects the nylon sling when the fingers accidentally rub on the ground and protect the eyes from the shackles wearing the nylon. Increases the life of the sling
  • Protective flap over the sling pin disconnect
  • Protects the sling pin fingers from wear from the vessel and protects the vessel from the pin and fingers rubbing against the hull. Lengthens the life of the sling. It can be ordered without as well.
  • All Travelift Slings meet tough safety standards
  • Travelift slings built with an industry-leading 5 to 1 safety ratio. So tough, they meet ANSI and WSTDA standards. Watch out for cheaper slings that do not have these important safety factors built in. Helps keep employees and customer’s boats safe.

Wire Rope

We are all looking for money saving ideas when it comes to running our businesses. From a service standpoint, wire rope maintenance is one way that every marina or boatyard can find long-term maintenance savings. The wire ropes on your mobile boat hoist make up a critical and expensive component of the overall safety and performance of your lift. Replacement of wire ropes is inevitable on any piece of equipment, but the frequency of such a service is completely in your control. To help explain how to extend the life of these important items, it is first important to know their basics.

The wire ropes on your machine have three basic components:

  • 1 Wires which form the strands and collectively provide most of the rope strength
  • 2 The strands, which are laid around the core
  • 3 The core, which forms the foundation for the strands

The core is a smaller rope, which is similar in looks to the outer strands. Each wire rope is made this way to provide maximum lifting strength and to help prevent crushing damage to the outer strands.

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Do any of the following conditions exist on your Wire Rope?

  • Wire rope shows any evidence of kinking, crushing, or distortion of the rope structure
  • Wire rope has more than six broken wires in any one lay
  • The wire rope has not been properly lubed throughout its life on the machine
  • Wire rope has more than one broken wire at any dead end

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it’s time to purchase a new wire rope for your Marine Travelift Boat Hoist.

Wire Rope Lubricant

Martin Walter Company's wire rope lubricant is designed primarily for hoist ropes and working ropes in the marine environment. It provides excellent lubricity and corrosion protection while minimizing sling-off. It has a tackifier to assure adhesion to the wire rope, even in wet and high-speed operations. It is made with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives for heavy-duty work and contains no solvents and will not dry, harden or evaporate. It protects against corrosion and resists water washout, acids, dirt, salt, steam, chlorine, H2S, and CO2. It is manufactured to work in temperatures from -60F to 380◦F and is essentially non-conductive, non-flammable, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Sold in 5-gallon containers. Contact Martin Walter today for pricing. Protect your wire rope investment. Marine Travelift recommends lubricating your wire rope monthly to lubricate and prevent corrosion.

Martin Walter Company

Physical Properties

  • Appearance


  • Flash Point


  • Auto Ignition


  • Pour Point

    - 60°F

  • Freezing Point


  • API Gravity


  • Kinematic Viscosity at 40° C


  • Coefficient of Friction Mu Value


  • Four-Ball Wear Test


  • Four-Ball Weld

    220 Kg

  • Weld Point (ASTM266)

    315 Kg

  • Rust Resistance (ASTM D-665)


  • Hydrochloric Acid Fumes (7 Day Exp)

    No Metal Loss

  • Environmental Impact


  • Precipitation


  • Toxicity


  • Copper Corrosion Test


  • Dielectric Strength

    27 Kv

  • Load Wear Index


Application: Easily applied by spraying, brushing, dripping, or pressure applicator.

Safety & Disposal: Wire Rope Lubricant is essentially non-flammable and is classified as a non-hazardous material. Use chemical resistant gloves and protective eyewear when applying. Refer to local, state, and federal regulations for proper disposal.

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